Woof! We are doing our bit to help reduce plastic pollution and we challenge you to hop on board with us this July!

By choosing to reduce, reuse and refuse single-use plastics we can collectively make a huge difference to our communities and planet.

The challenge is to make a small change and choose to refuse one single-use piece of plastic every day in July.

Reckon you and your plastic-free pooch can manage it?...

ready to take on the challenge?

Here at Denzel's the team will be taking on the challenge, join in by downloading our Big Plastic-free Challenge toolkit below and following along on our socials for your chance to feature, win prizes and make a difference to our planet!

download your

challenge toolkit below ↓

download my toolkit

how do i complete the challenge?


Make a small change and refuse one piece of single-use plastic each day throughout July.


Tick off each day you successfully make a swap on your Big Plastic-Free calendar. Find it in the challenge toolkit.


Keep us up to date with your progess by email or on socials. By sharing your success we can share and inspire to more pooch parents taking up the challenge! PLUS there will be lots of opportunities to win prizes and activities throughout July.

Download my tookit

get involved #plasticfreepooch