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Why Chews Denzel's?

Recipes your dog will love or your money back!

Make sure treat time is never boring! With Denzel's 'Build a box' you can choose any combo of unique tasty recipes for as little as £10!

We are so confident that your dog will love our tasty snacks, that if they don't we will give you your MONEY BACK. Full refund, no questions asked.

Healthy treats for a healthy planet

Our chews are packed with fresh fruit, healthy fats, antioxidants and fibre that aid healthy digestion and keeps their coat shiny. We use only 100% natural ingredients including real meat or fish, fresh fruit and vegetables. No added salt, grain, sugars or nasties.

Recipes carefully selected with the best ingredients, perfect for even the most sensitive tummies.

Whatsmore, our eco-friendly snacks are the easiest way to treat your pooch without hurting the planet! All of our snacks come in 100% plastic-free packaging that naturally biodegrades in weeks not centuries (like single-use plastic).

Perfect for training and rewards

Our soft-baked chews can be easily broken up into any size you choose, making the perfect training treat for four-legged friends of all sizes!

Don't worry you won't end up with a pocket full of crumbs like regular biscuits!

What's more, our delicious recipes ensure your dog will do absolutely anything to get their paws on them. Training made easy!

Denzel's Pantry

  • High Protein Dog Chews
    High Protein

    We use real chicken, spinach and chickpeas to cram this chew with healthy proteins providing a vital, lean source of energy to keep your dog fit and healthy.

    Spinach is high in Vitamin C and Iron to give extra immune support (and super shiny fur).

    Chicken Spinach Chickpea
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  • Superfood Dog Chews

    We use fresh bananas, berries and apple to pack this chew with vitamins, minerals and fibre to whizz up a superfood smoothie to keep your dog fit and healthy.

    Blueberries are high in antioxidants, vital for your dog's wellbeing (and a wet nose).

    Salmon Banana Blueberry
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  • Nut Butter Dog Chews
    Nut Butter

    We blend tasty peanuts, cashews and coconut oil together to make a nut butter chew, providing a fantastic source of protein and fibre.

    Nuts are also a source of healthy oils and fats which help fight against cholesterol.
    We also never use palm oil.

    Turkey Coconut-oil Cashew
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  • Tropical Dog Chews

    We blend mango, coconut and ginger to pack this chew full of vitamins and minerals, providing a perfect snack with a tasty tropical twist.

    Seaweed is rich in Iron, Zinc and fatty acids which is great for your dogs health and wellbeing.

    White-fish Mango Seaweed
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  • Brunch Dog Chews

    We use avocado, eggs & salmon to pack this chew with healthy fats which keep your pooch full until dinner.

    Did you know that honey (especially locally sourced) is a wonder for dogs with sensitive tummies, making it the perfect mid-morning snack.

    Salmon Honey Avocado
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  • Pure Paleo Dog Chews
    Pure Paleo

    We add linseed, sunflower chips and almonds to make the ultimate paleo chew for your dog.
    The Paleo diet is based on foods eaten in Paleolithic times. Consisting of unprocessed, whole foods with no refined sugar, your dog will get a steady release of energy from dawn to dusk.

    Duck Almond Orange
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Denzel's Chews:

The Facts

  • 100% Plastic-free packaging
  • Grain-free
  • Under 50 calories per chew
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • Hand-baked in our UK bakery
'Chews' healthier! Denzel
The Real Denzel


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Why chews healthier snacks

for your dog?

  • Nothing artificial
    Many dog treats have a huge long list of unrecognisable ingredients including colourings, fillers, additives, chemicals and preservatives. Denzel's only use real healthy ingredients you would recognise, good enough to eat yourself!
  • 100% Plastic-free packaging
    We don't believe that treating your dog should hurt the planet. That's why our snacks come in handy 100% plastic-free packs. Simply pop the empty packs in your regular bin, they will naturally break down in weeks not centuries in landfill. Healthy treats for a healthy planet.
  • Naturally low in sugar
    Don't send your pooch loopy with a sugar rush. Let them simply snack on delicious simple recipes that are naturally low in sugar, delivering taste without driving you up the wall!
  • Independent Small UK business
    Many of the dog treats out there are shipped from the other side of the world, meaning they often need additives and preservatives to keep them edible. Denzel's healthy snacks are hand-baked in our local UK bakery to give your dogs the freshest snacks possible. Feel great by supporting a small UK business that sources from local suppliers too! Thank you.
  • Free collectable card in every pack of chews
    At Denzel’s we think it is super important to never stop learning, especially when it comes to the best topic ever, our dogs! So in every pack of our healthy chews you will find a special collectable card full of fun facts. Get the whole family involved with looking after the dog, the kids love them!

How it works:

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Manage your subscription – change your snacks, frequency or cancel at any time.

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