It's birthday party time!

We hope you have the best day ever!

Happy Birthday! We want nothing more than your favourite four-legged friend to have the best day ever, after all they deserve it!

Inside your birthday box we have curated the perfect selection of snacks:

Brunch chews to begin the big bday!

Nut Butter bites to fill the day with delicious rewards.

High Protein chews to refuel before bed, after a busy fun-filled birthday! Ready to take on the world tomorrow a whole year older (and wiser!).

Birthday gift of Denzel's tasty treats. Check.

What now?? Well... Denzel loves a party with his pooch pals, so he wanted to share some of his fave tips to help you spoil your best friend!

Download Denzel's Birthday Party Kit below to make it a birthday they will never forget!

Don't worry it's completely free! Enjoy and say Happy Birthday from us!

Denzel's Birthday Party Kit

We have you covered!

Make your own party hat

Download Denzel's very own party hat template. Your pooch will proud as punch!


Bake a doggie bday cake!

Want to make a healthy yet super delicious birthday cake for your birthday buddy? Why not try Chef Denzel's very own birthday cake recipe?


Perfect Party Games!

You can't have a birthday without some party games! Include these great games to get those tails wagging!


Tips for the perfect day:

  • Sing Happy Birthday
  • Give Extra Cuddles
  • Extra Walkies
  • Treats! Treats! Treats!
Happy Birthday! Denzel
The Real Denzel

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