Denzel's Festive Fun

Ho ho ho, woof.

It's that magical time of year again with delicious drool-making smells wafting around the kitchen, little ones running rogue playing games and everyone needing that long walk. It's a dogs dream.

So to keep you, your family, friends, and pooch occupied during the Christmas period, why not do some of Denzel's fun festive activities!

Here's some of Denzel's dos and don'ts for the holidays.

Do let your pooches enjoy some extra tasty treats and bake them some special doggy mince pies. Do remember to download Denzel's activity packs below.

Don't forget to pooch-proof your Christmas by sweeping up any sharp fallen tree needles which can be painful on paws. Don't forget raisins and chocolate are toxic to dogs so make sure to keep these to yourself!

Christmas Activity packs

Christmas Crafts

Click here to learn how to make your own crackers with pooch-related jokes!

Awesome Activities

Time to get creative! Click here to download your activity sheet, can you complete the xmas maze or woofsearch wonder?

Chef Denz' Baking corner

Click here to download Chef Denz's special recipe and treat your pooch to dog-friendly mince pies!

'tis the season for treats

Have you posted your letter to Santa?

What could this be?

Did someone say gingerbread?

Santa, is that you?